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Family Tip of the Month in Samuel’s World – July

July’s Tip of the Month – Pocket Money and Top-ups?????

coins and cash tin

Money Money Money repeats Samuel with more and more excitement!!!! Pocket money is a very difficult situation to get to grips with and not an easy one to control!!!!

Because Samuel gets obsessed with various objects and items, getting pocket money and understanding why he has been given it is an even harder challenge for Samuel to realise….With this in mind though it is still an important hurdle to jump over helping Sam to gain more independance and raising his self esteem with small rewards.

Star Charts – do they work???

As a family we have tried all the Star Charts etc until we are blue in the face and exhausted, however they do work for some families, just not ours – recently we went on a ADHD course run locally to where we live and one of the parents there mentioned this idea which we have adapted to suit Sam.

Pocket Money Day – How much do I get Mum???

Each week we give Sam 50p on a Friday so that he can go down to the local shop and buy a fruit lolly. At home Sam does have a board which tells him whether it is his turn to watch the television or not – this has worked a treat by the way !!!!! Less arguments with his sister…..Each day there are certain things that Samuel will do that annoys us and that are unneccessary – one example is that he will always chuck his wash flannel at the ceiling in the bathroom just as you are finishing his wash!!! To try and break the cycle of events, for every day Samuel does not throw the flannels he will get an extra 5p – ( the amount of money you give your child can be changed to suit your own situation) – we have found that this inncentive has worked for Samuel and the first week he got an extra 20p!!!!

A Log Book!!!

To try and get Grace involved as well and for other siblings in your family we created a diary/log book so that each time Grace remembered to brush her hair morning and evening we would make a note and tally up the top-ups at the end of the week. Grace is always forgetting to brush her teeth and never puts her clothes away!!!!

One at a time!!!

Don’t get too excited and make up a long list of what your child needs to remember to do as your child will quickly go off the idea and get more stressed leading to an anxious family – this whole idea is suitable to eliminate one at a time a habit that has formed which you want to break. It is suitable for any age and can be changed and altered to suit your child’s needs.

Have we progressed???

Sam now values why he has achieved his pocket money and can see what treat he gets at the end – he has even started to put his socks and pants away in his box!!!!


Like all these reward ideas you do need to keep on top and monitor – if you forget to keep it going then it is very easy for your child to forget what they are trying to achieve and to learn.

Family Reward Time??

This is important and can easily me missed!! We have decided as a family to have a day out each month if we have all behaved well – parents included!! It will give us all a boost and some precious sharing time as well.