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A poem about ADHD through the eyes of a child


Sam’s a little jelly bean, jumping everywhere
I love him and so I care!

Sam’s a little jelly bean, dashing everywhere
I love him and so I care!

Sam’s a little jelly bean, having all his funny moves
Looking like he is at a disco, doing funny grooves!

Tickling Sam

Sam’s a little jelly bean, running everywhere
Having fun tickling people and so I care!

By Grace, Sam’s Sister aged 8 years

Copyright Oct 2006

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Tourettes Poetry

Nanna’s Poem


I’m just another Nana, a Senior Citizen
An O.A.P of 75 but Samuel helps keep me alive
He is a very loving child but often he’s just cross and wild.

You never know what you might get
In life – for him it is Tourettes
A lot of folk don’t understand
Just what this is, it does sound grand.

He tries to stop it with a curse
Preventing it just makes it worse
He sniffs and coughs then blinks his eyes
And jerks his body with painful cries

So when I see him act like this
I hug him tight, I wouldn’t miss the chance to give him a kiss.

I talk to him and sing a tune
Just hoping it will finish soon
And when it does in a short while
I say something to make his smile
And when I leave and I’m at the front door
I think – well that’s what Nana is for.

Oct 2006 – Written by Nana

Copyright 2006

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ADHD Poetry


buzzy bee

ADHD, Sam’s like a buzzy bee
Dashing here buzzing there
Must be quick, does he care?
Can’t sit still, like a tornado
Shifting and spinning
Laughing and grinning

buzzy bee buzzy bee

ADHD, Sam’s like a thunderstorm
Getting frustrated and angry
Staring at me
Louder and louder
Throwing objects through the air
Is he going to hurt me, does he care?

ADHD, Sam’s like a butterfly
Colourful and bright
Not wanting to be caught
Caring – now there’s a thought
When Sam has landed and has managed to calm down
There are hugs, kisses and lovies, no tears or even a frown

orange butterfly

ADHD, Sam is Sam
Special and loving
Caring and giving
To have a boy like Sam makes life worth living
Buzzy bees, butterflies, thunderstorms and more
Without all these things wouldn’t life be a bore

Written by mummy Oct 2006 – Copyright 2006

Oct 2006 – Copyright 2006

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Poetry about Samuel's Tics and Tourettes

a face covered by a hand

Tic Alert

Slowly they start, deep from within
A blink here and there, its hard to give in
Sniffing, snorting, coughing, this is just the start
As Samuel would say, “Oh what a fart!”

Grunting, nose picking, and on and on it goes
Which tic will come next, Samuel does not know
Here comes the neck and head jerk – beware who stand behind!
People start to look and stare , how unkind.

tree and sunlight

Who cares what other people think when Samuel does his usual jerk and blink
He is braver than I was when I was his age
I had better stop waffling before I start another page
Pursue your dreams Samuel and like a tree reach for the sky
You are one in a million! Mummy over and out – Bye Bye


Oct 2006 – Written by mummy

Copyright 2006

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Poetry Written by Nana for Samuel and Grace

Ode to Sam

bus tickets

I’m going to be a Pilot or maybe drive a train
I’m going to drive a big red bus and bring it back again

sightseeing bus

Perhaps I’ll find an office in which to do my work
I’ll be really good at doing things
And you know I will never shirk

computer keyboard

Maybe I’ll use a computer and be a whiz kid in the city
As I’m really normal underneath and don’t need any pity
I’m almost like most people but I’m made a different way

I sometimes feel that I can’t cope
But Mum and Dad fill me with hope
So if about in 10 years time
You remember that you’ve read this rhyme
Just look me up, it’s called “Samuel’s World”
And I’ll let you know how the rest unfurled.

Written By Nana Oct 2006 – Copyright 2006

Ode to Grace (Sam’s sister)

I have a younger brother his name is Samuel
Sometimes he’s good, sometimes he’s bad
Sometimes the days are really HELL
For him – for me his sister
And when it’s bad we YELL


We yell at one another
We yell at Mum and Dad
I hate my brother sometimes
And that makes us very sad
I hope that as I get older
I’ll be helped to understand
That all of us are different
But he’ll always be my best pal in the land!

Written By Nana Oct 2006 – Copyright 2006

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Family Poems about Confidence

To my Children

Lost in Memories

golden star

Where I wander like a star
My long lost yearning I am afar
Where do I go?
What do I see?
Stumbling within
What is to be?


Where am I, I am 5 years old
Watching through the window
Wishing to be bold
Outside children are playing
Laughing and hiding
Amongst trees and bushes swaying

Will my new friends like me?
What will they think?
Do I have the courage
Or will my bravery shrink

Where am I now, I am 35 years old
Watching through the window
Hoping I am now bold
Looking at adults inside talking
Seeing faces smile
And realizing I am as good as them
Life is not a trial

So when you have a challenge to face
Think of me Sam and Grace
Walk through the door with your head up high
Smile, don’t look back and your confidence will fly!


Last year 2005 written by mummy

Copyright 2005