Family Tip of the Month in Samuel’s World – January and February

February’s Tip of the Month

Getting Off to Sleep!!

child sleeping

This is one of Samuel’s major problems – winding down!! After we have gone through his bedtime routine, said goodnight and closed the door, Samuel can still be up 2 hours later doing many vocal tics – whistling is the no 1 at the mo!!

Listening to the Ocean!!

This was the best item I have ever managed to find at a car boot sale near to where I live! It is a small gadget called a Sound Spa made by homedics that plays various relaxing sounds – summer night birdsong, the waves/ocean, tranquill waterfall, rainforest, rain and heartbeat. It has a volume control and a automatic timer switch which means it can be set to play for 15, 30 or 60 minutes, then it turns itself off.

I don’t expect you to go browsing around all your local car boot sales and so I have located the product on the link above which belongs to Homedics – the item is in the Sensory Section – priced around $19 which is approx £9.99.

Every night now Samuel will choose the sound he wants to hear and sets it himself to how long he wants to hear it.

The beauty about this product also is that it has often been thrown across the room when Sam has had one of his rages and it never dents or breaks!!! It take 4 AA batteries and lasts about a month if played most nights.

Sleep is a very important part of our lives – deprived of it for any duration makes us tired and rundown for the next day – for Samuel this leads to more tics and angry moments!

Finding a solution to this stressful time of the day is bliss!

tranquil water

I hope you all had a smashing Christmas and Happy New Year to you all!!

flashing christmas tree

Our Christmas was up and down really, the Christmas tree virtually came down on 2 occasions and we had to resort to putting dumb bells around it to secure it down!! Each day was anxious for Samuel due to all the excitement of the day. The most stressful moment for Samuel would be having to wait his turn in opening his presents!

We also had a sad event happen over Christmas – our 15 year old cat named Flossie died – Samuel and Grace wanted to say goodbye and they did in their own way.

January’s Tip – Worry Box!

worried face

It is a very stressful time when Samuel has to go back to school – having to settle back into the routine of the unknown each day, new teachers, tests etc is worrying. Also having to build new friends/groups does have its anxious moments!!

Samuel has some new tics which have developed recently – one of which is a whistle – this has already caused problems in school, when told to stop, this only makes the matter worse and Samuel comes home more anxious leading to severe tics in the evening.

Often Samuel finds talking about his worries is too difficult – he says his head gets lots of messages inside it and he feels his head is in a knot and it is going to explode.

Drawing or Writing

If Samuel has a worry he will sometimes draw a picture on a piece of paper and hand it to me – these pictures could be as many as 10 in a day depending how worried he was! Grace would also put her worries into the box and either wrote them or drew a picture as well.

We got a box and named it “Our Worry Box” and at the end of each day we would sit down all together and look at all of our worries and try to understand and help solve the worry. Sometimes a worry would be “ what clothes do I wear tomorrow” or “ what day do I go back to school”.

We found as a family that we all can have a worry or problem and I found myself putting in a worry or two into the box!!!! Samuel then was able to understand that he is not the only one who has problems/worries and liked to feel that he could possibly solve one of my worries or even his sister’s worries!

Special Moments

Don’t you just feel sometimes that the day rushes along and there is no time to sit as a family and talk to each other – having this worry box is our special time where we can all help one another and feel special!

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