Family Tip of the Month in Samuel’s World- March and April

April’s Tip of the Month – Easter Cooking

easter egg

Well it’s that time of year when our children go on overload with the massive choice of Easter Eggs galore!!!!!

It is supposed to be a celebration and a funtime but so far in Samuel’s life Easter does bring certain problems along the way and it is usually sweets and chocolate that bring out his ADHD with a vengance!!

I must admit I do find this a difficult time and hate to keep saying no to sweets all through the year and so last year I went out to all our local food stores and Health Food Shops to see if there are really any sweets or chocolate that would not bounce Samuel off the wall so that he could enjoy Easter as much as all his friends.


Did I find anything?????

I must say the Health Food Shops came up trumps in my book and I was able to find a lot of sweet products that do not have colourings, additives or sweetners in their ingredients and I bought a selection of items and rushed back home with glee!!

The sneaky part!!!! – Sshhhhhhhhhhhhh…….

You have to be once in a while I am sorry to say but it was for a good cause – me for one so that I would not be climbing the walls after Sam and of course for Sam so that he would have fun and feel like everyone else.

laughing bunny

Having got all of my sweets and chocolates safely hidden away, I had managed to find in another local gift shop (Whittards Cooffee/Tea Shop) for those of you of live in England, a selection of decorative Easter Egg containers already with packets of juicy additive packed Jelly Beans, these were swiftly removed (eaten by husband) and replaced with my own (free of any nasties) sweets.

We then were able to have a Easter Egg Hunt around the house where I labelled each Egg with the child’s name, which saves on arguments and battles!!!

Cooking Time in the Kitchen

What a horror I hear you saying and yes I could not agree more!!!! This has been an area of disaster for Sam and myself with most of what we have been cooking ending up on the floor or half eaten before we have completed the cake!!

For those of you who live near to a Sainsburys or Tesco – (overseas I am sorry, but something similar would do the trick) flock down their now!!!

gingerbread men

On the shelf you will find in the quick baking section hopefully a box containing a Gingerbread House Making Kit. It contains simple instructions with ready made large pieces of gingerbread for you and your children to be able to build your own house. The icing paste comes in a ready made bag and is really like dough which you use to stick the pieces together. Also included are lots of various bags of different sweets which you can either take a chance with or replace with your lovely Health Food Shop ones!!

This was an enjoyable time for Samuel and he was absorbed for a whole hour sticking and fixing the house which does not fall down!! Samuel was able to concentrate for the first time without dashing around the room and carefully position each sweet on the various parts of the house feeling that he had actually built this house.

For the first time ever we were able to film this special event without that ending up on the floor and he could then watch himself making the house.

He gained a lot of confidence and self esteem with the baking and I will be doing this again.

Believe it or not I was away that week for respite with my mum and my husband Lester had taken over the role of mum and so this was a memorable moment for Lester as he did achieve some precious time with his son without it turning into a battlefield, plus they finished off the afternoon tasting the house and laughing over which bit to bite into next!!!


March’s Tip of the Month

ticking clock face

My Pal The Time Timer!!!

Clocks, clocks, clocks – we tend to try and run our day by time whether it be for school, appointments, catch-up with a friend or just cooking the dinner.

bunny running late

If I was to ask myself what stressed me the most with my day it would be being late and constantly feeling like I am running for a bus or train all the time!!!

I must say that since Sam was diagnosed I have been more relaxed about where we should be at a certain time but it still becomes an issue.

LDA Online Website

You will find this website via my link page – do click and have a look, its a great site with lots of resources which is where I got most of our first games etc. The price we paid was around £20.

It was searching on their website that I came across a Time Timer, a clock which comes in various sizes from alarm clock size right up to a classroom size for all the children. The one I decided to get was the medium one which can be placed anywhere in the house easily. It stands in its own mount and has big bold numbers for easy reading.

You dont’ have to know your time!!

The beauty about this clock is that your child does not have to know their time – the clock counts down the seconds and minutes by decreasing a red colour – for example Sam was hopeless at leaving the lounge when watching the TV and I used to find myself like a spider with eight legs trying to prise him off the screen!!

It worked!!!!

Having opened the package the next morning and showed Sam exactly what the clock was for, before he sat down to watch his programme set his watching time to 30 minutes – if your child is a whizz at telling the time they can set the clock. Once set the clock will show 30 mins of red colour. As the time ticks away the red colour gradually diminishes. Once the red colour has completely gone Sam knew that 30 mins had finished and that it was time for bed.

To have one evening without a struggle and to have an evening full of smiles and cuddles is worth a million!!!

Ps – Don’t forget, the clock is useful for everyone in the family – we can’t be good time keepers all of the time can we??

lynette xx